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   A few of my recent outputs are listed below. This Blavatnik School page also tracks School-branded working papers, as well as some of my blogs, more prominent talks, media interviews, grey literature contributions, and so on.

   I update the below list periodically, adding full names (before the "et al") for single or joint first authors. A more complete list of my academic publications can be found on Google Scholar. I also act as a reviewer for journals such as APSR, EPSR, PNAS, Nature Medicine, Nature Communications, BMJ Global Health, Socio Economic Review, and Science Advances.


Selected peer-reviewed publications

  • Lara Aknin, Bernardo Andretti, Rafael Goldszmidt, John Helliwell, Anna Petherick et al. Policy stringency and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal analysis of psychological distress and life evaluations in 15 countries. The Lancet Public Health, doi:10.1016/S2468-2667(22)00060-3 (2022)

  • Rafael Goldszmidt, Anna Petherick et al. Protective Behaviors Against COVID-19 by Individual Vaccination Status in 12 Countries During the Pandemic. JAMA Network Open 4 (10), e2131137-e2131137 (2021)

  • Anna Petherick, Rafael Goldszmidt et al. A worldwide assessment of changes in adherence to COVID-19 protective behaviours and hypothesized pandemic fatigue. Nature Human Behaviour 5 (9), 1145-1160 (2021)

  • Thomas Hale et al. A global panel database of pandemic policies (Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker). Nature Human Behaviour 5 (4), 529-538 (2021)

Selected policy reports and working papers

Selected presentations, blogs and media

  • Women in politics: formal and informal politics of women's representation and activism in Latin America. OxPol Blogcast, 16 November 2022

  • What scientists have learnt from Covid lockdowns. Nature, 609, 236-239 (quoted in feature article), 7 September 2022

  • The Oxford Quadrangle podcast (interview about the OxCGRT project), 22 March 2022

  • University of Oxford podcast, Collecting Covid: Oral histories (interview about running the OxCGRT data project and its research outputs), 20 December 2021

  • BBC Worldwide News & PBS, Outside Source (live interview about 'pandemic fatigue'), 20 December 2021

  • Ngaire Woods and Anna Petherick. The rich world’s super spreader shame. Project Syndicate, August 2021

  • Anna Petherick. Flagging vs. rising adherence: Making sense of varying protective behaviour observance since governments first enacted COVID-19 response policies. Nature blog: Behavioural & Social Sciences. August 2021

  • Presentation on gender and corruption: IPU-UN Annual Parliamentary Hearing, United Nations General Assembly Special Session against corruption (UNGASS 2021), 17 February 2021

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